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Jokín Aranzábal Harreguy

Txakoli Katalin Iturzaeta 2021

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12 bottle case

White Txakoli (pronounced chak-oh-lee) is traditionally made from a Basque grape called Hondarribi-Zuri (pronounced on-dar-ee-bee zoo-ree) - same grape as the French grape Courbu Blanc - but this wine also uses approximately 15% of the dark-skinned Hondarribi grape called Beltza, vinified as a white grape (no skin contact). The grapes are grown on south-facing slopes of Aitako, at a height of 60 metres above sea level, just a few kilometres from the Cantabrian Sea. Three-quarters of the vines are over 100 years old, while the rest at over 30 years old. Soil is sandstone over clay.

Fermentation took place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks to retain the intense, fresh aromatics of the grape, and the wine is aged in stainless steel, on the lees, for 7-8 months before bottling. The wine did not undergo malolactic fermentation. 11.5 alc./vol..   

Style: The style of the DO Getariako Txakoli usually have a slight carbonic fizz and are often served at height using a Porrón. This is not required for this wine due to the time on the lees, but a nice touch if you have the device. 

Our Tasting Note: Straw yellow colour. Complex, tropical aromas of yellow apple, lime zest, orange peel, and grapefruit, with herbal/floral/quince and stony/mineral notes.  Medium palate, zesty acidity (slight prickle), and a dry, lingering, clean finish.

Pairing: Grilled seafood, oysters, sushi, white meats, and spicier-style dishes.