Collection: Latido de Sara

Latido de Sara

These wines are a dream fulfilled for Sara Martinez-Lagos and Leon Florez, who combined have more than 26 years experience in the wine trade. They chose the name Latido de Sara - “Sara’s Heartbeat - in honour of Sara’s father who passed away a few years ago, and who always encouraged her to follow her own path, and to make her own wine.

The Latido de Sara wines are made in the oldest winery in Navarra Province - San Martin de Unx - who also have the best and oldest Garnacha grapes in the area. Many of the vines are planted on gentle hillside slopes (~650 meters in altitude), which are a unique characteristic of the Navarra landscape. Their wines are based mainly on Garnacha (Grenache) grapes, from low-yield vines over 30 years old, while the Crianza also includes Tempranillo. They use a small amount of local Navarra-oak barrels in the Crianza, to support the region and the landscape.

The overall philosophy of the range - white, rosé, and red - is to produce intensely flavoured and complex wines which faithfully reflect the nature and terroir of Navarra Province.

The recent addition to Sara Selections - La Furgoneta - is a special project between Sara, León and Carlos Fernández (Bodegas Tierra and Exeo), based on the recovery of old vineyards planted between 1915 and 1945 near the River Órbigo, in the Province of Leon. It took more than four years to recover the plots which had been abandoned for many years. In the vineyards they don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and follow some Biodynamic agricultural principles. The first vintage was 2016, and there was no wine in 2017 due to frost damage in the vineyards.