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Sciare dell'Alba

This new project has roots in Etna, with origins in Franciacorta, and brought to fruition by Elisabetta Abrami.    

The winery name is a combination of two words - Sciàra and Alba.

- Sciàra draws from Arabic etymology of ša'ra - meaning "uncultivated  land" - and Latin flagare - "to burn" - indicating the accumulation of volcanic soils in the vineyards.  

- Alba is the moment when night becomes day (sunrise), and refers to when the sun bathes the Ionian Sea and the vineyards on the eastern side of Mount Etna.

Just a few hectares on the eastern side of Etna, 500 meters above sea level, in Mascali (CT), planted to Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante, and Cattarratto. Three wines are made, and production is currently less than 5000 bottles. 

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