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90+ Point Scores

Like price, third-party scores or reviews are not our primary consideration when we are selecting wines for our portfolio. But we recognize that these are sometimes important to our producers as they can validate all the hard work that goes into making a wine. Imagine the feeling you'd get if you worked for years on your vineyards, and then produced a wine that received 95/100 points - you'd be pretty happy

And scores and reviews may also important to the people who purchase wines as it provides further verification that they are making a sound purchase. Following a specific reviewer, who describes wines they same way you do, can help you decide whether a wine is worth purchasing, or not. 

The wines in this collection have received a score (or scores) in excess of 90 points (out of 100). It is generally accepted that wines scoring between 90 and 94 points are "outstanding", while wines scoring over 95 points are "classic". 

Keep in mind there are many more wines that are never scored because reviewers are not interested in the region, or the winery doesn't submit to tastings, and frankly these wines could be much more exciting to try. Always trust your own personal style and buy what you like.