Collection: Natural Wines

Natural Wines

So what are "natural" wines? Simply put they are wines that are made from grapes, and nothing more. The grapes are organically grown - free from any chemical additions in the vineyards - and harvested by hand, and then once they arrive in the winery, nothing foreign is added - even yeast - or removed from the wine, nor are machines used in the wine-making process. No sulphur is added as a preservative, although small - and we mean small - amounts may be added to make the wine stable for its journey to the customer. 

Without getting into too much detail, we find people are surprised to discover that not all wines are made from grapes alone. For the most part they are, but there are hundreds of perfectly legal additives that winemakers can use in the cellars - including different types of cultivated yeasts - and that doesn't include all the chemicals that can be used in the vineyards to control pests, disease, and weeds. And there are many machines at the disposal of winemakers to make their jobs easier, and perhaps faster. 

There is great debate about which method is better, and without getting into it any further we've put together a mixed case for you to try, and hopefully help you make up your own mind.