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Elisabetta Abrami

Surrounded by the gentle breezes of the prealpine valleys, the estate vineyards thrive in optimum conditions on the sun-drenched hills of Lake Iseo. These vineyards - stretching for 15 hectares between Provaglio d’Isleo, Passirano, and Paderno Franciacorta - each has its own soil type, elevation, and exposure. Vine density is low, harvesting is by hand at peak ripeness, and always with a high respect for the environment. The vineyards are certified organic, as are all aspects of production. 

“Franciacorta” both defines the area and the method of production, and has for centuries - since the Serenissima Republic of the 16th century - defined the wine. A sparkling wine, made in the traditional method, using the classic grapes of champagne - chardonnay and pinot noir.

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