Collection: Featuring Bodegas Tajinaste

The winery was established in 1977, commercializing the Garćia Farráis family vineyards in the Orotava Valley on Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands. Some of the family’s oldest stocks of Listán negro and Listán blanco vines were planted in 1914, using a unique horizontal vine training system known as multiple braided cordon (cordón múltiple trenzado). Newer vineyards use the more common single- and double-Cordon (Royat) trellising systems.

Working with indigenous varieties, the modern winery respects family and regional traditions, as well the unique geography - high-altitude vineyards - and volcanic soil of Tenerife, to create wines of great character and individuality. The Enologist is Agustin G. Farráis. Here are some videos Agustin sent us presenting his wines:

Blanco Seco


Tinto Tradicional

Paisaje de Las Islas - Marmajuelo & Malvasia


Naturalmente Dulce

These wines will arrive in July, but are available now for pre-sale. 

In April and May we booked a few special events featuring the wines of Bodegas Tajianste. Two tastings at "bottle shops" in Toronto and London, and a wine dinner at Honest Weight in the Junction area of Toronto. 

The first event was held Saturday, April 23rd at Bossanova Wine & Beer at 103 Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto. This "bottle shop" offers an exceptional selection of beer and wine, many available for tasting at the bar. The event ran from 2-4pm, and we offered tastings of 2021 Blanco Secco and 2020 Tinto Tradicional. The wine bar was offering special two-pack of these wines, and each purchaser received a tin of conservas to help create an instant tapas experience. Both wines are still available to purchase at the shop, so if you missed on Saturday you can still pick up the wines.

On May 4th, we were planning to host a special wine dinner at Honest Weight  at 2766 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Last year, we partnered with Honest Weight to create an amazing take out dinner, so this year we were hoping for an outstanding dine-in experience. Nupur Gogia, MW student and co-founder of Vinequity, was to be the host for the evening, and share her experiences visiting the winery in 2020. But unfortunately we had to suspend the reservations and are now looking for a future date to re-schedule the dinner. Stay tuned.

Finally, on May 7th, we had another successful tasting at Grace Bodega in downtown London. Like with Bossanova, we offered a tasting of the two wines, and a special two-bottle pack for purchase. The conservas were also available at Grace so "Tapas in London on a Saturday night" is now offcially a "thing."

Thanks to everyone who came out to our events, and had the chance to try the great wines of Bodegas Tajinaste, from the Canary islands. If you missed an event, and still want to try these wines, they are currently available at Midfield, Bar Isabel, Bossanova, Honest Weight, Wynona, and Mattachioni (Gerrard location) in Toronto, Grace Bodega in London, and Highview Food & Wine in Southampton.