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Mixed Cases

Don't Panic, It's Volcanic.

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Case of 3 bottles.

For our Instagram followers, we've put together a special three-pack of wines from grape varieties you may not have have heard before. They may be unfamiliar, but don't worry, they are really, really good.

The indigenous grape varieties grow in vineyards planted a few hundred meters up the side of Spain's most famous volcano - Mount Teide - on the Canary Island of Tenerife, which is off the coast of North Africa. Crazy, right?

The location and volcanic soil contributes to the uniqueness of these wines, but they also offer great versatility when it comes to food. Sure, coming from an Island out in the Atlantic Ocean brings to mind seafood at first, but these wines also pair well withTajianaste wine pairs really well with all sorts of food cheese, meat dishes, poultry, pasta (especially with creamy sauces), and earthy vegetarian dishes.   

Our featured three-pack contains one bottle each of the dry white Blanco Seco, the dry Rosado, and the dry red Tinto Tradicional. Wines that reflect the volcanic soils of the vineyard, the proximity to the Atlantic ocean breezes, and the intensity of grapes grown on old vines, some over a century old.

These wines are not available in any LCBO store. (Offer only available to customers in Ontario)

Wine #1 - 2022 Blanco Seco DOP "Islas Canarias"

Made from 90% Listán blanco (pronounced lee-STAN blahn-ko) and 10% Albillo criollo (pronounced al-bee-yo cree-oh-yo) hand-harvested from hillside vineyards in Valle de La Orotava. Some of the wine completes fermentation and aging for 2-3 months in previously-used oak barrels,  while the rest of the wine remains in temperature-controlled, stainless-steel tanks. 

Our Tasting Note: Bright, pale straw yellow colour. Intense aromas reminiscent of red grapefruit zest, pineapple, and apricot, with citrus/mineral notes.  Crisp acidity, dry, light- to medium-bodied with a long, clean finish. Alc./vol. 13%. R.S. <2 gr./L.

Pairing ideas: Great on its own, but it would be very nice with seafood conservas, sushi, seafood, grilled vegetables, white meats, and creamy pasta sauces. 

Wine #2 - 2022 Rosado DOP "Islas Canarias"

A dry rosé wine from 100% Listán negro (pronounced lee-STAN neh-gro) grown on hillside vineyards, at a height of ~600 metres above sea level. The grapes are cold macerated for 24 hours prior to fermentation (to extract just enough colour) in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks.

Our Tasting Note: Bright, cherry-pink colour. Highly aromatic, reminiscent of fresh fruits - strawberry, cherry, and blackberry - with slight peppery notes. Smooth, with balancing (lively) acidity, and a clean finish. Alc./vol. 13%. R.S. 1,5 gr./L.

Pairing ideas: Ideal on its own, but pairs well with charcuterie, pizza, burgers, and grilled seafood. Perfect for the holidays - think turkey with all the trimmings. 

Wine #3 - 2021 Tinto Tradicional DOP "Valle de la Orotava"

Made from 100% Listán negro grown on hillside vineyards. Old vines - 40% are planted using the multiple braided cordon system. The grapes are cold macerated for 4 days prior to fermentation, and both alcoholic and malolactic fermentations take place in stainless steel tanks. A third of the wine is aged for two months in American oak barrels.  

Our Tasting Note: Bright, dark cherry colour, with slight violet hues. Highly aromatic, reminiscent of fresh red fruits - blueberry, cherry, and plum - with peppery/smoky/balsamic notes. Smooth, with balancing acidity, medium tannins, and a clean finish. Alc./vol. 13% RS <3 gr./L.

Pairing ideas: Charcuterie, tapas, veal, grilled pork, pizza, burgers, grilled meat, medium/hard cheeses.

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