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Pacharan Pamplonica

Case of 6 one-litre bottles.

Pacharan is a traditionally made by macerating the fruit Prunus Spinosa (also known as sloe berry, wild plum, endrinas, arañones, or patxaran) in anisette, along with occasionally coffee beans and vanilla pods, for a strength between 25-30% alc./vol.. The regulating body of Pacharan Navarro insists that no artificial colourings or flavourings be added and that the maceration must last between one and eight months. Navarra has the perfect conditions for growing sloe berries, and much research has been conducted into the cultivation and implantation of the blackthorn shrub in the region since the 1980s. 

Harvesting is done in August by vibrating the shrub and the fallen blue/black coloured fruits are selected for quality and ripeness and cleaned of impurities and leaves, then brought to the production facilities to begin the maceration.

Sloe berries possess a number of unique soluble compounds, and for three to four months the fruit macerates in anisette (cane sugar-based spirit), to extract all the compounds without altering or breaking them. The stainless steel vertical macerators hold between 10,500-11,000 litres, and once the process is complete the liquid is separated from the must and stored in stainless steel tanks. Sugar is added to the liquid to adjust the sweetness to the desired flavour. No additives, artificial colourings, or preservatives are used. Alc./vol. 25%. Sugar 173.5 g/l

Tasting note: Bright/intense cherry garnet colour. Aromas of candied red fruits - cherry and plum - with notes of baking spices, almonds, and anise. Lightly sweet on the pallete. 

Service:Typically served cold (~5-10 celsius), or on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail.