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González Bastías

Naranjo 2020

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Case of 12 bottles

This "orange" wine, is a blend of 40% Pink Moscatel, 40% Torontel, and 20% País grapes, handpicked from ancient vines grown in river sand and granitic soils on the banks of the Maule River. The vines are on original rootstock, head/goblet trained, and receive no irrigation. The vineyards are organic and free from all pesticides and herbicides. 

Crushing/de-stemming is by hand using a "Zarada de Coligùe" (horizontal bamboo sticks), and the Pink Moscatel and Torontel are co-fermented, with the skins (for 1 month), in open fermenters using native yeasts. Pais juice is added at this point. Daily punch downs, and no pressing after the fermentation is complete (only free-run juice). 

The wine is aged for 6 months in a refurbished, ancient Chilean Raulí Fudre. The wine is bottled by hand, with no filtration. Approximately 14,000 bottles produced. 12.3% alc./vol; .116 gr/L total SO4; 1.44 gr/L RS. 

About Orange Wines - This a generic name given to wines that take their colour (amber/orange) from extended skin contact of white grapes (usually during fermentation). Essentially white wines made along more traditional red-wine methods. 

Our tasting note: Bright, medium deep amber/orange colour. Complex, tropical aromas and flavours of peach, nectarine, and citrus zest with mineral/herbal notes. Juicy acidity, medium-bodied, and a long evolving finish. 

Menu matches: Versatile, pairs with many different types of sauces - spicy, sweet, sour etc.  - on seafood, whites meats, and poultry.