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Bodegas Tobía
Alma Tobía Tinto Autor
Red Wine

Region/Appellation: Spain, Rioja, Gran Reserva
Grape: Merlot, Tempranillo, Maturna Tinta
Style: Powerful

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"Alma" translates as soul or spirit, which describes how Oscar Tobia feels this wine reflects the essence of the Rioja region, and its wines.

Vineyards: La Rioja is comprised of three different provinces, each with their specific climatic conditions: the Atlantic in La Rioja Alta, the Mediterranean in La Rioja Baja, and both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean in La Rioja Alavesa. To the East, down towards the Ebro River, the climate is dry and temperate is a result of the Mediterranean influence. There is a range of soil types in La Rioja: ferrous, calcareous and alluvial, which offers a wide range of opportunities to elaborate wines of excellent quality.

Bodegas Tobia harvest 80 hectares in over 15 different municipalities of DOCa Rioja, to elaborate wines that show the diversity and complexity of La Rioja, each expressing their specific terroir. The lands were selected based on the unique properties of the grapes, their yields, the topography, the microclimate and the soil.

Winemaking Process: A blend of handpicked (70%) Tempranillo grapes from 50+ year-old vines, 15% Maturna Tinta, and 15% Merlot. Tobia uses only free run juice, rather than a wine press, to ensure the highest quality wine. Whole-berry, cold-maceration, and a temperature-controlled fermentation in "smart" tanks. Malolactic fermentation in new, fine-grained French oak barrels with total ageing of 18 months in the same barrels, with the occassional remontage. The wines are stabilized in oak barrels without any chemical processing, and are bottled using gentle filtration techniques, in order to safeguard the wine's purity. Minimum of 12 months refining in bottle before release.

LCBO Classics Catalogue (Feb 2010) CSPC (162545). You must go to the Classics catalogue Page on the www.Vintages.com site for ordering information.

Alcohol Content: 15% alc./vol.

Tasting Note

Tasting note: Clean and bright – deep dark ruby core with tones of burgundy. The complex and evolving nose is of deep dark fruit aromas and flavours – cherry, black currant, plum, and wild strawberry – with well-integrated earthy, spicy oak notes. There are also notes of cocoa, herbs, and spices (white pepper and cinnamon) on the finish. The wine is balanced, full-bodied, with great structure, full rich tannins and a long elegant finish.

Serving Temperature: Serve at 18-20ºC, and we recommendinng decanting the wine for 1-2 hours before dinner.

Alc./vol.: 14.81%. R.S. 2.7 gr./L.

Ageability: Under the proper conditions, this wine will age for 10-12 years.

About the Grape

Merlot: One of the "Top Seven" grapes (that make up 75% of the world's wine), it is the most planted quality red-wine grape in the world. With origins in France, and part of the famous Bordeaux blend, you can now find it growing almost anywhere in the World. Like Chardonnay it is fashionable as a wine-by-the-glass due to its soft nature, balancing acidity, and rich dark fruit -- think plums -- aromas and flavours.

Tempranillo: Spain's answer to Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, it is an important component in most of Spain's best red DO wines; Rioja and Ribera del Duero, in particular. It is being planted in other parts of the world, to varied success, but it thrives next door in Portugal where it known as Tinto Roriz and Aragonês.

Location, yields, winemaking, and blending have a big role in how Tempranillo will taste, but you should find cherry, raspberry, strawberry, as well as earthy spices, leather, and maybe tobacco somewhere in the glass. Tempranilla wines can be smooth on tha palate, with fine tannins and balancing aciidty. Tannins will increase for those version intended for long-term ageing. The more we taste Spanish wine, the more we like Tempranillo -- it is definitely up there with Sangiovese and Pinot Noir.

Maturna Tinta:

Bodegas Tobía

Located in San Asensio (in Rioja Alta), Bodegas Tobía is an artisanal winery, intrinsically connected to its founder Oscar Tobía. The mission at Bodegas Tobia is to elaborate their wines in the simplest way possible: minimizing the process so as to maximize the expression of both the grape and the terroir

Oscar Tobía comes from a family of Riojan winemakers from San Asensio, where his grandparents produced wine in a small neighborhood called las Cuevas. After becoming an agricultural engineer, obtaining a Masters degrees in Oenology and Viticulture, Oscar returned to San Asensio in 1995 to take over the winery from his family. Since then, Oscar has earned a reputation as a winemaker who combines professionalism, the spirit to embrace regional traditions, and the best of what new technology has to offer.

Family-owned vineyards constitute 17 hectares, with a further 60 hectares coming from controlled local vineyards. Vineyards are planted to Tempranillo, Mazuelo (the Spanish name for Carignan, a grape used for colour, tannin, and acidity in southern French blends), Garnacha, Viura, and Malvasia.

Total production is approximately 450,000 bottles from one of the region’s smallest winery facilities. In amongst all the other operations that have to take place on a daily basis, they’ve somehow found space for over 1,000 oak barrels (American, French, and Hungarian). A new, larger facility, closer to the village of San Asensio, is in the planning stages.

We had the privilege to taste the full range of Tobía wines with Oscar, both at the winery in 2006 and at Alimentaria in Barcelona in 2008. In Oscar’s own words: “In order to enjoy the complexity of a wine, one must make the earth, the vineyard and the grape the priorities.”

Bodegas Tobía
Ctra Nacional nº232 km 438
26340 San Asensio (La Rioja)

Phone number: +34941457425

Email: tobia@bodegastobia.com

Website: http://www.bodegastobia.com

Visits: Not presently.

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