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Bodegas Tajinaste
Tinto Tradicional
Red Wine

Region/Appellation: Spain, Canary Islands, Islas Canarias DOP
Grape: Listán Negro
Style: Attitude

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This dry red wine is made of 100% Listán Negro (pronounced lee-STAN neh-grow), hand-harvested from hillside vineyards at a height of 600 metres above sea level. Some are old vines, planted using the traditional multiple braided (horizontal) cordon system. About one third of the wine is aged for 2-3 months in American oak barrels.

Listán blanco, the most-planted white variety of the Canaries, was introduced to the Canaries in the late 15th century and is the same grape as Palomino Fino, the variety of choice for sherry production. In the right conditions (e.g. the Canarias) it offers aromas and flavours reminiscent of peaches, citrus, almonds, and fresh-cut herbs, with mineral notes. Albillo criollo is a unique version of the highly-aromatic Albillo Real, found only on the Canarias. Used mainly for blending, it contributes acidity, texture (glycerin), and tropical aromas.

Tasting Note

Youthful, bright cherry colour, with violet hues. Highly aromatic, reminiscent of fresh red fruits - cranberry, cherry, and plum - with peppery/balsamic notes. Smooth, with balancing acidity, medium tannins, and a clean finish. Alc./vol. 13%

About the Grape

Listán Negro:

Bodegas Tajinaste

Bodegas Tajinaste was established in 1977, commercializing the Gar?ia Farráis family vineyards in the Orotava Valley on Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands. Some of the family’s oldest stocks of Listán negro and Listán blanco vines were planted in 1914, using a unique horizontal vine training system known as multiple braided cordon (cordón múltiple trenzado). Newer vineyards use the more common single- and double-Cordon (Royat) trellising systems.
Working with indigenous varieties, the modern winery respects family and regional traditions, as well the unique geography - high-altitude vineyards - and volcanic soil of Tenerife, to create wines of great character and individuality. The Enologist is Agustin G. Farráis.

Phone number: (+34) 922 30 87 20

Website: http://www.tajinaste.eu/index.php/es/

Visits: Lugar El Ratiño, 5 38315 La Orotava Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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