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Agustí Torelló Mata
Cava Kripta DO Gran Reserva
Spain, Penedes, Cava
$83.50 / bottle

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London, Central

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Ideal Cellaring Conditions
Thursday, June 18th, 2009

The elements of wine storage are simple:

Temperature: The most important factor in wine storage is maintaining a constant temperature.  Ideally, keep your wines within a range of 10-15°C, and make sure any temperature fluctuations are gradual – monthly rather than daily.  “Passive” cellars, like a corner of the basement, are fine, but the most reliable way to maintain a constant temperature and humidity is to install a climate-controlled cooling unit.     

Darkness: Wine likes to be kept in the dark, away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light sources. While it’s dark inside your refrigerator, the temperature is too cold and the humidity is too low for long-term storage.

Humidity: A high, constant level of humidity keeps corks moist and protects your wine when you plan to store bottles for more than five years. Anything within the range of 60-80% humidity is fine, but any higher and you risk the labels becoming mouldy.

Clean Air:  Wine breathes. Slowly, over time, minute amounts of air pass through the cork, making contact with the wine.  So make sure your wines are away from anything that gives off odours. Cardboard, in humid conditions, can contaminate your wine.  Instead, use wooden or plastic crates. Even better than crates are racking systems that help to keep air circulating around the bottles.

Peace and Quiet: Think of your wines as “sleeping” in the cellar. Keep them in an area that is free from vibration, well away from the furnace, washing machine, or any other motor. 

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